Bong & Smoking Accessories

At the Bong Warehouse, we not only stock a range of premium and budget bongs, pipes, and hookahs, we also have all the smoking accessories you need. Our range of bong accessories includes glass and metal cone pieces in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, as well as moulded mesh screens to keep your pipes and bongs clean. We also have glass and metal stems to complete your smoking setup.

Our rolling papers come in single and king sizes, and include classic Zig-Zag papers as well as RAW natural hemp to suit your preference. Whether you’re rolling an oversized spliff to pass around with friends or a little knock-off pinner just for you, we have the papers to suit your needs.

In addition to papers and bong accessories, we also have a range of beautiful glass stash jars to keep your chosen smoking material safe and sound. Made of solid glass with airtight lids to keep the contents fresh, our stash jars feature a variety of new and classic designs for you to choose from.

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