While you can find pipes fashioned from all manner of strange materials (ever seen one made from an apple?), your two main choices of material for garden-variety one-hitters are going to be glass or some kind of metal. Both types have their selling points and drawbacks – generally speaking, glass pipes are preferred for their smooth, clean taste; metal pipes are more durable and portable, but some smokers complain of harshness and a poorer flavour profile.

For glass pipes, Australia need look no further than the Bong Warehouse. We stock the highest quality pipes, bongs, hookahs, vapes, and accessories, and our range is constantly expanding. Our glass pipes are compact and sturdy enough to be taken out in a backpack or tote bag (just make sure it’s wrapped up safe in a jumper or the like to avoid breaking) but elegant enough to take pride-of-place on your living room coffee table.

Whatever your smoking needs, we’re confident you’ll find something in our catalogue that will suit you. Choose a premium glass pipe today and enjoy a smooth, cool, and stylish smoking experience, and find out why discerning smokers around Australia are choosing the Bong Warehouse.

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